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Coir Geotextils in Rural Roads

BC soil has very low bearing capacity, high swelling and shrinkage characteristics and it is a very poor subgrade material for road construction. Soaked laboratory CBR values of Black Cotton soil is generally found in the range of 2 to 4 percent. Due to very low CBR values, it results in excessive design thickness of pavement. Under the traffic loads, the soil sub-base is subjected to compression in the vertical direction accompanied by tension in the lateral direction. Also, during dry weather conditions, cracks develop. Other methods of stabilization like lime stabilization, cement stabilization, fly ash stabilization etc. are not suitable because the additives (lime, cement etc.) do not proper mix with soil in field. Now-a-days, geotextiles are widely used in highway engineering, to solve a variety of problems related to drainage, separation and reinforcement of pavement structure.. Coir net is readymade material, cheap, easy laying in field and biodegradable. Coir nettings have long life of at least 5 years. Coirgeotextile reinforcement is a superior solution for the construction of roads on weak subgrade soils.