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Coir Wood

Coir wood is made from natural fibres and bonded by a Phenol based resin. Our coir wood has all the properties of a phenol bonded ply with the added strength of fibre reinforced phenol bonding. Our manufacturing process gives it a natural smooth glossy finish on both sides and hence can be used without any surface treatment.

Coir wood is ideal for home and office furniture, interiors, ceiling, partitions and display panels. Our board can be form-cut into virtually any shape with minimum wastage and low labour costs. The board can be nailed and screwed into place with relative ease.

The board has high degrees of surface abrasion resistance as it does not flake off (Dust) as in ordinary particle boards and asbestos.

The board has both vertical and horizontal load bearing strength and has one of the best compression/ strength ratios among phenol bonded boards. It has resistance to contraction and expansions due to temperature variations and does not absorb water or moisture.